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Database Recovery Experts | Data Files

Monday, August 18th, 2008

The Computer Era has completely revolutionized the workplace, and today almost all businesses, from big banks to stud dairy farmers, rely on databases. What used to be written in books not so many years ago is now stored in a database. That means that millions and millions of bits of information are stored magnetically on hard drives and tapes around the world. Because it is so easy to either corrupt or destroy this information, it is extremely important to have backups to databases.

Many of the larger organizations do this automatically by using RAID configurations, but even here there can be failure. Whatever organization you are in, if you make regular use of databases it is essential to back up your data files on a regular basis. If you do find yourself in an embarrassing situation where you have lost or corrupted data, then it is time to call in the database recovery experts.

Intratec is an organization that specialises in data recovery. They started off in Cape Town in the year 2000, and within a few years they have already opened branches in Johannesburg and Durban. They use the very latest hi tech equipment and the latest software available for data recovery. If you know your way around computers and databases it is often quite simple to recover lost data yourself, especially when you can call upon backups. However, the recovery job is sometimes much more complex, involving the use of a special clean room in which to dismantle hi tech equipment like hard drives. This is the time when you need to call in the database recovery experts.