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Data Recovery Software, Services and Tools for Every Problem

Monday, October 29th, 2012

Data recovery software, services and tools are essential items for highly skilled professional companies offering related services, as is our data recapturing group. Although retrieval products and systems are extensively advertised on the internet, some offering free downloads; one’s approach should be on the side of caution.

Depending on the cause of the problem being experienced, taking the DIY route and employing incorrect methods, may result in data becoming lost with no chance of being subsequently recaptured, even by experts. However, there are reputable software suppliers who use the same medium to advertise their services and products – you just need to ensure that you are dealing with one of them and not the other kind.

There are many different categories of data recovery software and services, which includes the required tools for each.

Types and Purposes

  • Email
  • Backup
  • Email migration
  • Data base
  • Files and their repair
  • Passwords
  • Destruction
  • Deletion
  • undelete
  • RAID
  • iPod
  • Unix
  • Windows
  • Tape
  • Open Office
  • MS
  • Memory stick

There are suppliers of products who periodically review market offerings, which are of great assistance in giving qualified information to users, who can then avoid some of the pitfalls of making an incorrect purchase for their purposes. If they guarantee a no-risk or obligation evaluation, plus their verifiable contact details and address, chances are much greater that they stand by their products.

Hard drive data recovery is definitely best left to our experts. It is vitally important to ascertain whether the problem can be corrected with software or whether a faulty hard drive is the source of the issue.

Identify a Faulty Hard Drive

These are some of the symptoms of a faulty hard drive:

  • Clicking, whirring or other unusual mechanical sound is heard
  • “No boot device present press any key to continue” and hard drive is not recognised in the BIOS
  • PC has an I/O error and user cannot access operating system
  • Failed server and drives structured with RAID
  • Hard drive is spinning, but unable to be detected in the BIOS
  • Poor, extremely slow performance can be indicative of an imminent hard drive failure
  • Frequent freezing
  • Corrupted data
  • Strange behaviour, like refusing to boot up again after experiencing a serious error
  • Frequent, sudden appearance of error messages, related to the file system during normal usage
  • Start up problems, either excessively slow or complete refusal to start up

Hard drive investigations, evaluations, repair, and actual data recovery from the hard drive, must only be undertaken by qualified and experienced technical specialists like our expert team, who operates in a certified Class 100 clean room, one of which is in place in each of our branches.

This perfectly sealed room with air management and filtration systems ensures that when a hard drive is opened and worked on, no pollutants, dust, humidity and other airborne debris can contaminate the highly sensitive surface of the drive and its components. Any pollution will have serious adverse effects on this delicate equipment. Certification is normally renewed annually, providing that the room maintains its clean properties.

Our company and highly qualified, experienced technicians employ the latest, most up to data retrieval software and hardware. Our dynamic management team and each and every employee are fully aware that when computer problems strike, customers are, at best, unhappy and at worst, they panic; an indication of how valuable stored data, records and information really are.

When anything goes wrong, hard- or software related, it means trouble to the user and not all users are equally comfortable with this technology, even when it is trouble-free and working correctly. We truly understand their deep concern and worries, ensuring that they are treated with due respect and integrity.

Down time is feared by one and all, especially those who work from home, whether for themselves or as employees of a company. No one can really afford to be incommunicado for long, and permanent data loss represents the worst possible scenario.

All it takes to start resolving your problem, whether it is related to data recovery software, services and tools or hardware, is a phone call to one of our trained staff members, who will troubleshoot with you and recommend a solution. We undertake to help you in the shortest possible time.

Recovery Programs | Recovery Software

Sunday, July 26th, 2009

Most recovery programs work in a similar way. You need to select the disk where the lost files are located and let the program analyze the content of the disk. Then select the file you want to recover and provide a location where you want to save th

at file. Installing any software after data loss will increase the risk of the lost data being overwritten.

A recovery program installed now is good insurance for your data, so it may be worth while installing a data recovery program just in case! Even the best recovery software can’t guarantee 100% results.

Some parts of your files may have been overwritten, meaning that other data was saved to that location on your disk.