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RAID Redundant Array of Independent Drives

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RAID Redundant Array of Independent Drives

RAID Redundant Array of Independent Drives

This is also known as ‘redundant array of inexpensive disks.’ This term defines a computer data storage scheme that divides and also replicates data among varied hard disks. In other words, RAID is the technology that gives you increased storage as it combines many low-cost disks that are not reliable individually to create one unit or an array of interdependent disks which is highly reliable. It is basically a storage technique that lets you divide your data as well as replicate it amongst many disks. When multiple disks are used then it is referred to as a raid array. The basic function of a raid drive or a raid array is to increase the reliability of data and performance. In a RAID, the different physical hard disks are combined into a single logical unit by using a special hardware or software.

The three key RAID concepts are:

· Mirroring – that of copying data on to different disks in the array
· Striping – the splitting of data in more than one disk, and finally
· Error correction – redundant data is stored for error detection if the need arises
RAID systems are designed to work reliably; therefore, they are ideally suited for servers. However, at times, RAID array also fail and data recovery from a (RAID) server is a complicated process that requires the service of data recovery expert. Through RAID Server Recovery, you can not only recover data from a raid server but also from failed hard disks of laptops and desktops, exchange servers and SQL servers. During a raid disk failure raid data recovery is possible but that depends on the capacity of the disk

Data Recovery from a (RAID) Server

In the event of data loss, an initial diagnosis is performed by the expert which helps to determine whether each device is accessible. If the media is accessible, a raw image is created of all the data onto a new device so that the nature of information loss can be ascertained. At times, some devices may be inaccessible; these are closely tested to assess the extent of physical damage. Data recovery from a crashed RAID usually involves the replacement of the damaged components like the read / writes head, the drive motors, etc. Your data recovery expert then uses Special tools to recover the lost data. Servers with multiple drives are de-striped on to a device to enable performance of file system repairs and to extract the data files.

Data loss usually induces panic. RAID is indeed very helpful in storing data and losing data from it necessitates an important precaution. The disk array order should not be changed. Even if they are removed from the server, they should be placed back in the same order and the data recovery experts must be contacted. Intratec is a National data recovery company with 3 branches across South Africa; when you use our service, you enjoy FREE diagnostic, evaluation & assessment in 15 minutes as well as FREE quotation

RAID Redundant Array of Independent Drives

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