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Server Data Recovery

Server Data Recovery

Server Data Recovery

A server is considered to be the lifeblood of a business or home network. Therefore, when it goes down and you lose data, it’s critical to get it up and running without delay. Not only that, but you need to recover the jeopardized information as quickly as possible. Studies show that up to 30% of server owners do not have a formal strategy for backing up their files and critical information. They seem content to wait until they have a problem before implementing a solution, refusing to acknowledge that they are just one step away from disaster. Data recovery firms see this type of reactive behavior all the time, but taking some basic precautions can help you to circumvent the possibility of losing your most important data.

Your server can lose data for a number of possible reasons, including:

Server Hardware Upgrades: If new hardware is not installed correctly, it can lead to corruption of files or of the firmware that controls the server itself.
A Failed Array Controller: Problems with the operation of the array controller can lead to corruption of the drives on the array, which can cause your server to fail.
Multiple Failed Drives on the Storage Array: If a single drive or multiple drives on the storage array fails for any reason, it leaves the remaining drives more vulnerable to problems – which can ultimately lead to server failure.

Antivirus Program Deleted a File in Error: Good quality, up to date antivirus software is crucial in protecting your system and server. On occasion, however, your antivirus program may identify a crucial file as malicious and can delete, truncate or overwrite a file in error.

Software Upgrades: Occasionally, a software upgrade can cause problems if the new software is in any way incompatible with the existing system software. Important system files can be corrupted by competing or conflicting software.

If the system will not boot, but the disks are ok, you should be OK to reinstall the server. Similarly if the system disk fails, but the data disks are still ok, you can reinstall the server after replacing the failed system disk. However, if the data disks fail, you should focus on data recovery and try to salvage as much data as possible – without worrying about rebooting the server. This is where you should bring in a data recovery expert.

If you suspect that your server has a physical problem, do not try to save or try to recover the data with the data recovery software programs that are readily available to consumers. This can actually make the problem much worse and may permanently overwrite your data. No matter what the cause of a physical problem is, the best course of action is to shut your server down as quickly as possible and call in a data recovery expert who specializes in server data recovery.
Software problems are usually the easiest to recover from. The most common software danger is picking up a virus. Viruses can create all kinds of havoc within your system and can sometimes be hard to detect and even more difficult to remove. Having a strong antivirus protection strategy is crucial to keeping your server in good working order.

Having backup for your server is crucial, and can give you peace of mind against all types of server failure. However, without a recent server backup, a professional data recovery service becomes indispensable. At Data Recovery Pro we specialize in the recovery of computer storage devices in South Africa to keep you secured against the worst.

Server Data Recovery

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