Tape Data Recovery - Intratec Data Recovery
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Tape Data Recovery

Tape Data Recovery

Tape Data Recovery

Tape Data Recovery

Tape Data Recovery – Tapes that contain data become unreadable or unable to access for many reasons. Because of this problem, you can be lost all your data on tape. Tape data recovery is not easy, and many companies and firms can help you tape data recovery. Some tape takes major damages that need professional assistance for tape data recovery. Now I will tell you how we can do tape data recovery, but first, I am telling you some causes of tape Failure and data loss.

Some Causes of Tape Failure:

Corruption: By inserting or formatting the wrong tape, we can face damage like expired tape, accidental overwrites, operational errors, and mishandling.

Physical Damages: 

Emergencies like fire, flooding, and many other natural disasters can damage your tape in many ways. It can break your tape and make your drive dirty and cause damage.

Software Upgrades: Software upgrades can also cause a problem for your tape because many tapes can lose the ability to be read by the new application.

Tape Data Recovery by ONTRACK:

It is one of the best choices of the user for tape data recovery. It can recover your data from any tape or hard drive and even recover your data from SSD, HDD, memory card, and USB. It can also help you recover your data from the corrupted file of your tape. You can recover data up to 1 GB from the free trial version.

This software is very useful in recovering your photos, videos, documents, and many other files. It also supports multiple storage devices and also previews results before recovery.

Tape Data Recovery by Disk Drill Data:

This software is the most reliable and friendly user by which data recovery from tape has become very easy. You can get back your data with a few clicks. Using their upgraded version, you can recover data up to 500 MB with the free trial version. They have a scanning feature that allows users to scan the recently deleted files. Disk Drill provides a friendly interface by which you can recover your data from any tape. There are many advantages of using this software.

Those advantages like a user-Friendly interface and 500 MB data can be recovered with the trial version, and you can easily scan deleted files. The price of this software is different like basic disk drill is free of cost, disk drill Pro cost 89 dollars, and disk drill enterprise cost 499 dollars.


This software provides a light-weighted solution for your tape data recovery that can help you in data recovery. It can help you recover lost data from your tape, hard drive, memory card, and other means. RECUVA also provides a friendly user interface, and for using this software, you just need little knowledge of running programs through the computer.

Recover My Files:

It is one of the most reliable data recovery tools or software and can be run on windows. You can recover data from your corrupted tape. But this software is very fast in the recycling bin, formatted data recovery, reinstallation of the operating system, and recovery of other raw data.

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